Our Impact

Our Impact

Panacea was founded upon the work of Alicia Kali whose life work of over 35 years began in understanding and mapping the Sympathetic Nervous System and expanded to the Central Nervous System and simultaneous neuroregeneration of them.  

As Kali's obsession and education expanded as it proved applications for regenerative biomedicine across numerous scientific and medical disciplines, eventually including the autonomic, peripheral and the parasympathetic nervous systems. 

Focused understanding biochemical processes on neurobiology and behavior, neurobiology in anatomy, neuroendocrine function, neuropharmacology, neurobiology and physics (biophysics) were founded in education in nutritional biochemistry and neurochemistry including alternative and integrative care.  

Kali experienced a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in 2006, resulting in a series of diagnoses, realizations and experiences related to head trauma. Kali entered the head trauma space in 2017 and was engaged by the NFLPA, Senior VP, R&D specialist Sean Sansiveri for the purpose of delivering the cure and neuroprotection of head trauma. Kali was asked to review all studies and incoming studies across academic and alternative methods in relation to head trauma. Then later asked to create a plan to triumph over head trauma for NFL players and beyond, she designed a set of five studies for the NFLPA to include every age and stage of head trauma, including CTE. This included biomarker testing methods and finally, delivering proof of neurogenesis using her work in regenerative biomedicine. The project was later ended by the NFLPA as they were satisfied with their legal agreement with their players releasing them of obligation to resolve their problem, this later punctuated by a personal message from Roger Goodell the then Commissioner of the NFL.

Kali has gone on to win 14 national and international awards including an unprecedented 3 International Startup of the Year awards for Panacea/Kali's vast IP of disruptive offerings, contributions to humanity, pro-bono work and non-profit, as well as for resolving post concussion, mild traumatic brain injury and treatment for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).


 ~ Inducted into Marquis Who’s Who in America, February 2024 for personal and professional ethics and innumerable contributions to society, endorsed by Warren Buffet

~ Unprecedented 3rd International Startup of the Year Award, Stevie Awards, NYC, December 2023

~ 2nd International Startup of the Year, Stevie Awards, NYC, November 2022

~ Topped Dubai Initiatives in Q2 2022, HH Shiekh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum 

~ Startup Of the Year – International Stevie Awards 2020

~ Executive Of the Year – Stevie Awards NYC, 2019, 2020

~ Most Innovative Female – Stevie Awards NYC, 2020

~ Nomination Dr. Paul Janssen Award (widely considered a pre-cursor to the Nobel) – Biomedical Research January 2019

~ Brain Science Innovation, October 2018

~ Brain Science Innovation, July 2015

During Covid, Alicia Kali met and attracted a number of the most futuristic minds and investors on the planet and engaged them in education of her work. She was picked up by Wilson Sonini, the 19th largest law firm in among global firms, known for their handling of Apple, Google, and work with TESLA.  

As a result, Panacea's pioneering achievements are many. Among them, her most recent launch after serendipitous exchange with Bill Gates radically proved her work delivers vital answers for AI. A list provided below as an overview.

Highlights via the Panacea 2023 Year In Review:

~ Inducted – Marquis Who’s Who In America, 2024, Endorsed by Warren Buffet.

~ Unprecedented 3 International Startup of the Year Awards.

~ First to build a one-person company with a multibillion-dollar pre-market valuation.

~ First to deliver and prove the efficacious answers to head trauma.

~ First to deliver the answers of the SNS, CNS in regenerative medicine.

~ First to deliver the regenerative nutrition of the SNS, CNS answering the microbiome.

~ First to deliver regeneration of the brain.

~ First to deliver regeneration of nervous systems.

~ First to deliver regeneration of the biochemical center of health.

~ First to deliver a regenerative non-opioid.

~ First to develop transdermal regeneration of organ structures.

~ Innovation in patent filing strategy, patent litigation, drug delivery.

~ Discover two methods to prove delivers the biological answers tocEinstein's unfinished unified field theory.

~ First to deliver the core answers to AI, which will prove the unified field theory by default.

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