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Neurobiologics Create a Paradigm Shift


Panacea Biomed LLC’s focus on the brain and sympathetic nervous system have empowered discoveries that have yet to be considered in modern medicine. Scientists understand very little about the brain at this point, much of which is speculative theory. It has been this way for centuries. The sympathetic nervous system is the known biochemical center of health in humans, animals, and plants. The biochemical synergy that exists between the two is presently unknown to the greater scientific world - academic or otherwise. Yet, as we teach in those spaces, the response is as if Einstein himself were present.



“It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”

- Albert Einstein



Amino acids, their constituents, and their catalysts

The most effective pharmacological agents we see are a result of research conducted on amino acids and their constituents. Sadly, there is no focus on their catalysts nor the ideal of creating methods of healing that do not create side effects and cause true neuroregeneration of damaged biochemical structures rather than simply managing the already broken, damaged, deficient, or blocked. Panacea Biomed LLC’s methodology creates outcomes beyond expectations and study variables based upon this approach. As a result, Panacea Biomed’s future is limitless.


  • Panacea Biomed intellectual property delivers in multiple healing industries, representing a true disruption to healthcare and healing.
  • Neurobiologics is a new class that bridges the gap between pharmaceutical and natural methods.
  • Panacea Biomed’s Neurobiologics is founded in patent pending, award winning brain science, achieving 50% reduction in symptoms in extensive pre-clinical evaluation.



Versatile Technology


Panacea Biomed LLC’s technology is derived from 30+ years of research in the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the brain’s biochemical drivers. The SNS is the known biochemical center of health, and as a result, Panacea Biomed LLC’s technology offers unmatched versatility in:

  • Multiple disease targets
  • Multiple delivery methods
  • Multiple industries

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