Panacea Board of Directors

Alicia Kali (Chairman)

Allen Estes

Dr. Todd G. Holmes

Our Executive Team

Chief Executive – Alicia Kali

CFO, Confidential

Our Scientific Team

Chief Scientific Officer, Inventor
Alicia Kali

Scientific Advisory Board Chairman
Dr. Todd G. Holmes

Advisor, Manufacturing and Controls
Allen Estes




Alicia Kali

Alicia Kali has 30 years of research and expertise in nutritional biochemistry and neurochemistry with a primary focus on the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. Her discovery of the shared biochemical drivers of the SNS and brain some 20 years ago has fueled a lifetime dedication to neuroregeneration. Her initial patent filing was nominated and won finalist in brain science innovation. As a result of her focus, her areas of expertise are vast and include, post concussion syndrome (PCS) and the pre-existing conditions associated with PCS, PCS impact research, dissipation of Tau proteins which are known to cause CTE, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, mild traumatic brain injury, mood issues/mental health, addiction, chronic pain, autoimmune and degenerative diseases, fibromyalgia, autism, ADD/ADHD, chronic stress, chronic illness, stroke, autonomic disorder, and more.


Allen Estes

Allen Estes has 30 plus years of manufacturing experience servicing the aerospace industry and primarily General Electric’s advanced engine programs. As President of Rich Technologies International, he was able to lead the company into advanced methods of processing the newest alloys for jet engines. After leaving the company in 2007, he continued to embrace the challenges of new inventions and new patents. He has two patents himself and is familiar with the process of patenting, and bringing the inventors to market has been his profession over the past 10 years. He has had great success in bringing management and engineering talents together and achieving end goals. He holds a BS in Industrial Technology.


CFO Confidential

CFO is volunteering and willing to negotiate pending funding commitments and has worked with notable projects ranging from $2M to over $1B annually. The individual has experience in a variety of M&A transactions from $10M to well over $100M. The variety of transactions involved large Fortune 500 publicly traded companies, private equity and angel investors. All transactions also included debt financing. The individual has over 15 years with CFO responsibilities and provides business acumen to compliment a management team. The individual holds a BS in Business Management with an Accounting and Finance concentration.


Todd G. Holmes, MD, FAAPMR

Dr. Todd G. Holmes is a Fellow of the AAPM&R, Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, having graduated from University of Minnesota Medical School in 1982 and completing residency in PM&R in 1987. Todd is currently in private practice in Bloomington, Minnesota, in non-surgical, non-opioid, noninvasive treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Expertise in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy and a member of the teaching faculty for Michigan State University. Todd served as Chairman for Allina Interdisciplinary committee A.C.T.I.N.G. to develop a comprehensive plan and vision for integrative and complementary medicine, which later became the Penny George Clinic. Dr. Holmes also served on the State of Minnesota Department of Health committee to set standards and governance for integrative and complementary regulation for the State of Minnesota.

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