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Neurotransmitters are vital to memory, mood management, anger, attention, learning, and the circadian rhythm (the sleep-wake cycle) and are known to be destroyed by the neurochemical fallout caused by the impact of concussion. Neurotransmitters are vital as they are chemical messengers that keep neurons functioning optimally.



A common and well-founded theory among many in integrative, holistic, and even traditional medicine is the concept that all things in the human body and brain can be healed via neuroregeneration of neurons. Panacea Biomed LLC shares this belief and proves it in extensive pre-clinical trials. Additional current and upcoming patent filings poise Panacea Biomed LLC to lead the globe in true healing.


Tau Proteins

Tau proteins are widely misunderstood and poorly studied. These proteins have a pivotal role in the brain before head trauma and are grossly damaged due to the biochemical fallout that occurs after head trauma. As a result, some Tau proteins fold over onto themselves and become hardened. When this happens, they congregate over time. This congregation of damaged Tau proteins eventually becomes the clinical symptoms of CTE, Alzheimer’s Disease, and dementia. Panacea Biomed LLC’s existing technology explains this phenomena in a fashion that is yet to be understood but delivers pre-clinical evidence of the dissipation of Tau proteins.



Neuroprevention is impossible in today’s age of academic powerhouses. Once we understand how to cause neuroregeneration of neurons, then we can embrace the biochemical processes of neuroprevention. This means that current thought processes that pre-existing mental health conditions contribute to concussion and post-concussion syndrome will be obsolete.



Neuroregeneration is, in part, the regrowth, recreation, or healing of neurons that are known to control a specific area of the body’s physiology.





Competitive Advantage


Panacea Biomed LLC understands the existing methods and approaches in the industry.


Enhanced Helmet or Enhanced Padding Technology

Extra or modified padding or design changes in helmets are not effective in preventing concussion, and this has been scientifically proven. A simple movie clip shows how the brain floats freely inside the skull. It is not possible to place a pad between the brain and skull. Panacea Biomed LLC addresses this from a neurochemical perspective with success.




Biometric Measurement: Velocity and Speed of Impact

Dozens of startups across the country tout technology in the form of head bands, mouth guards, shirts, necklaces, helmets, stocking caps, and more. These all offer the same concept of measuring velocity, speed, and force of the impact as predictors of concussion syndrome. This has been proven to be false based upon data collected by these companies, thus offering data inconsistent with their theories. Scientists at Boston University and others have embraced the idea that pre-existing conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression play a role in this phenomenon. There are questions of brain permeability based upon neurochemical deficiencies that must be answered beyond this initial assumptive conclusion. In the end, measuring velocity, speed, and force of the impact remain unreliable predictors. Panacea Biomed LLC technology in neuroprevention speaks directly to this problem and delivers a promising solution.





Competitive Analysis


SSRI or SNRI antidepressants: SSRI or SNRI antidepressant: 50% success rate in mild cases (according to NIH studies). Numbers diminish the more acute or long term the case is. 85% taking this class of drugs have symptoms that continue, such as life altering depression, anxiety, ADD, etc. *SOURCE: Abilify antidepressant. Controlling re-uptake of neurotransmitters does not resolve the deficiency that causes symptoms, therefore no return to balance of neurotransmitter or neuroregeneration of neurons.


CBD’s/Cannabinoids:  This derivative of marijuana acts as a neuromodulator for the neurotransmitter dopamine. All research in concussion syndrome points to an overt efficiency of dopamine and other neurotransmitters. In concussion, this is as a result of the biochemical explosion that takes place in the impact of concussion and its aftermath as well. Stated simply, you cannot neuroregulate something that is deficient, it is utterly useless.


Herbals: Herbals have a 55% incidence of side effects, alone and with other drugs, foods, supplements, etc., and are therefore not a good option for those with a sensitive nervous system, which is very common among those with PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome). Herbal remedies have also received much bad press for purity and potency issues because potency is not presently regulated by the FDA. Further, herbals are not innate to the human body and because they are used as medicine they are in line with the current dogma or managing or treating, which falls short of the desired outcome of healing, neuroregeneration of cells. We prefer not to use them for these reasons.


Marijuana/Cannabis: Demonstrates negative effects on neurotransmitters with regular use, leading to an increase in anxiety, mood swings, depression, increase in agitation, decline in cognition and short term memory, sleepiness and lethargy. Cannabis is also a grass/weed. Since the legalization of cannabis for medicinal uses, it has been increasingly discovered that those that have existing allergies to grass, weeds, or trees are experiencing allergic reactions in many forms, including inflammation, dizziness, sinusitis, and other allergy related responses. Cannabis is not a healthy habit for the brain’s neurotransmitters, as long term chronic use shows gross deficiencies of neurotransmitters and would actually exaggerate symptoms associated with PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) or other mental health issues.


Galvanic Electricity: Used via a headset that sends electrical impulses to the brain to manipulate neurotransmitter behaviors, and it “may” show up to 16% results after 4 months of daily use (worn 45 minutes each day). 16% is far less than placebo.


EEG: Has been marketed to electrically “stimulate faltering neurons”, and has largely failed in clinical studies. This effort is redundant at best. In comparison to neuroregeneration, EEG is the equivalent of helping a 90 year old woman across the street when you could simply transform her to new and vital person.


Nooptropics: The latest trend in brain nutritional supplements do not cause, nor are they developed to cause, neuroregeneration. Excessive ingredient lists impede efficacy beyond placebo, no patenting, loaded with fillers and flow agents that can be difficult for the sensitive brain and body, thus causing side effects in the sensitive patient, a category many PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) patients fall into. Companies taking this approach are not interested in scientific perfection - they are interested in profit margins.

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