Alicia Kali, Founder, CEO, CSO

Alicia Kali, Founder, CEO, CSO

Alicia Kali, Founder, CEO, CSO

As a founder, Alicia Kali is the driving force behind the passion and purpose of Panacea, a Minnesota, USA native, whose educational focus includes 35 years understanding and simultaneous neuroregeneration in the brain and biochemical center of health, known as the Central and Sympathetic Nervous systems, evolving to other nervous systems along the way. The focus on synergy among systems, treatments for many of medicine’s most troubling diagnoses with a primary focus of neurogenesis in systems and structures in nervous systems, nerves, and organs. Kali’s theoretical work in Autism and organ regeneration is notable, as well as her work in mapping health from birth as a means of demonstrating biomarker benchmarks in health and disease. Kali's work is understood to hold answers for projects like Elon Musk’s Neuralink. Those in biophysics and other areas of science, have recognized Kali’s as the person who holds the keys to complete Einstein’s unfinished unifying theory. As a result of Kali’s vast body of work, she has expertise across numerous scientific and medical disciplines, as well as clinical experience and teaching clinicians in various areas of medicine. 

Kali has an extensive list of disruptive innovations for health of humanity. Kali formerly proved her business skills in many years as a senior executive, including unprecedented major corporate alignments (multi-billion), she is an experienced entrepreneur, start-up founder, skilled in product design and development, marketing and public relations, as well as consulting, and mentoring. Kali’s former head trauma product launch (2018) was one inspired by her own mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in 2006. Delivering a pharmaceutically developed product, refined for the nutritional market for use in resolution and neuroprotection of head trauma, this after experiencing her own mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in 2006. In 2017, Kali completed nine weeks of scientific validation with the NFL Players Association during which time she created five studies at every age and stage of head trauma, including CTE, as well as developed diagnostics in biomarker and electronic testing methods that could also be used to measure recovery and prove neurogenesis. Additionally, Kali defined the biochemical fallout of head trauma, the biochemical basis and behavior of tau proteins (Boston University 2015), her work now proven to halt Dementia and dissipate Tau proteins associated with numerous diseases of the Central nervous system (National Institute of Quantum Science and Technology, Japan Q3, 2021). 

Kali was won 10 International Awards for her work in head trauma since 2018, often said to be best in the world. Among her awards, a “Start Up of The Year” Stevie award, via New York City in 2020 for her head trauma launch. Kali has won numerous awards for innovation, executive leadership, excellence as a female leader and for character. Alicia was also a nominee for the Dr. Paul Janssen Award in biomedical research in 2019, later learning the award is widely considered a pre-cursor to the Nobel Prize.

Kali served on the Minnesota Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board (2021/2022), has engaged with the United States CDC and US Congress on setting forth appropriate clinical diagnostic criteria for post-concussion syndrome, and mild traumatic brain injury, as well as the many needed answers for post concussion syndrome (PCS), mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Kali’s non-profit “Purpose DRV’N” for head trauma treatment has served those most in need since 2015 and has grown to include treatment for post Covid-19 long haulers.

Email Jana Smith, Public Relations, Executive Assistant to reach Alicia Kali: [email protected]  


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